3 mind-blowing lessons from a Japanese anime

How often do you find yourselves watching something exciting, which presents a slice of life making you question your own existence and passions in life, that you failed to pursue just because you didn’t do what you could have? Haikyuu is something that made me question myself.

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Image by Robert V Ruggiero from Unsplash

What’s so special about Haikyuu?

  1. There is no antagonist or villain


Haikyuu has been one of the best influences of my life, not only entertaining me with its content but making me question everything about myself. We all find answers as we go but do we actually find the right questions that need answers?

  1. There are things I wish I had, I wish I could do but am I working towards getting it? Are my efforts enough? How do I get the process correct?
  2. What is my inner voice? Am I encouraging or sabotaging myself?

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